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How can I keep my home green?

How can I keep my home green?

How can I keep my home green?
December 19, 2016 sora-user

There are many ways that Peoria movers can be conscious of the environment within their homes. Without the need to change lifestyles. Here are a few to get the conversation started.

  • Start a compost pile – If you have a yard, start a pile away from the house. You can keep a container with a lid in your kitchen and put any compostable material into it (fruit/vegetable matter, egg shells, leftover grains – anything except meat and processed foods). If you don’t have a yard, find somebody local with a garden or a farm that you can bring your material to once a week. Composted material is great for a garden, and great for the earth!
  • Be conscious of paper/plastic bags – Reuse paper and stay away from plastic! Plastic is harmful to the environment and does not decompose. You can also buy a reusable bag in the grocery store, which you can use each time you go shopping.
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs – they screw into the typical light bulb socket, but use far less electricity. You won’t need to change them as often!
  • Install a solar water-heater – It is both energy effective and cost effective!
  • Recycle! – Separate your recyclables from your garbage. If you don’t get recycling picked up regularly, set a goal to drop off your cans and boxes a couple of times a month to a local recycling center. It makes a difference!

There are many other ways to take steps towards living a more environmentally friendly life. Do some of your own research if you’re interested! Conducting sustainable projects is a great way to get the whole family involved, and make your home a better place to live.