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Your golden years home

Your golden years home

Your golden years home
December 19, 2016 sora-user

It’s common for retirement-age people to conclude they have “too much house” and decide to move to a place that offers easier upkeep and little to no yard work for their golden years. This makes sense for many reasons. A smaller place means less housework and other household responsibilities. It can save you money as well. It also means going through your possessions and making sometimes difficult decisions about what should stay and what should go.

You must first consider what you will move to your new, smaller space and what you will leave behind. Would your children or grandchildren like to have some of your items? Perhaps your children would like their childhood bedroom furniture. A grandchild just starting out in his or her first house might be glad to have some furnishings.

Think also of family heirlooms.

You may decide that this is a good time to pass on your wedding china to another family member. Someone who will take over hosting family holiday dinners in his or her home. Or you may want to distribute some of your other cherished items that won’t fit into your new place. It’s entirely up to you.

If you’re moving to a condo or retirement home where you’ll not be doing any lawn care, you may have a whole shed full of lawn care equipment you can give away or sell. Mowers, trimmers, rakes and shovels are for somebody else to deal with now! Ditto for your tool collection. Keep a very few basics — screw drivers, hammer, etc. — for little tasks like hanging pictures, but you probably no longer need power tools. If your children or grandchildren don’t need any of these items, ask around and see if someone knows of a young family just starting out who would be thrilled with your gift, or arrange to sell your items.

Whatever you decide to keep and discard, just don’t try to cram 10 rooms full of furniture and belongings into a new place that may be half the size, or you’ll feel crowded and will not reap the benefits of downsizing. Be realistic about what you really have room for and want to have with you. The result? You’ll enjoy all the extra time and money and reduced responsibilities that come with having a simpler lifestyle.

In doubt about a few items?

Talk to us about storage options. If you’re not quite ready to let some items go, or if your children want them eventually but aren’t in a position to take possession right now, we can store your items for as long as you like. Give us a call and learn about your options.