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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions



Storage options to meet every need

If the circumstances of your move require the short or long term storage of any portion of your belongings, Mordue Moving & Storage offers three options: Mobile Storage, Professional Storage and Mini-Storage.

Mobile Storage Containers

Whether you are staging your home for sale, moving yourself to save some money, or preparing for a remodel, our mobile storage units are the perfect solution. Our all-metal, secure containers will keep your belongings safe and dry. Learn more

Professional Storage

Find solutions to your pre- and post-move storage needs with our warehouse storage options. While other movers simply wrap furniture in plastic and place it on open racks, our large wooden containers are sealed to keep out dust and moisture. Internal dividers and compartments prevent upholstered furniture items from resting on each other. Containers are stored in our secure, camera-monitored 80,000-square-foot warehouse. Learn more


Mordue Mini-Storage units are secure, affordable and easily accessible. Unlike many self-storage sites, Mordue Mini-Storage is designed for access by a full-size tractor/trailer rig. This allows our customers to place items into storage direct from a moving van. Learn more