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Packing & Moving Tips

Packing & Moving Tips



We know how to make a move go well. Learn from our tips!

Packing tips

  • Pack one lamp shade per box. We know from experience that “nesting” shades to save space can result in damage during transit.
  • Plates are stronger when packed on end. Specially designed dish cells are available to provide maximum protection.
  • Consolidate items that you do not want packed in one room to avoid their being packed by mistake. Make sure they are labeled DO NOT LOAD.
  • Create an “Arrival Box” containing snacks, basic tools, cleaning supplies and personal care items you will need immediately upon arrival.
  • Take an old phone book with you.
  • Provide the movers with a floor plan of your new home and indicate on boxes where you want items to be placed when you arrive.
  • Don’t overload boxes. Larger boxes are for light, “airy” items like pillows and blankets. Use smaller boxes for dense, heavy items like books and magazines.

Moving tips

  • Most people move at the end of a month. If you must move then, book a date as far in advance as possible.
  • Don’t move everything. Have a yard sale to get rid of items you don’t want to take to your new home.
  • Have high value items like antiques and art objects appraised in writing to establish their value for insurance purposes.

Make the move easier for your children by reviewing the provided helpful tips. For more moving resources, visit our Move Resource Center.

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