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How can I make the move comfortable for my pets?

How can I make the move comfortable for my pets?

How can I make the move comfortable for my pets?
December 19, 2016 sora-user

If you have children, you’ve no doubt given a lot of thought to how you can make the move more comfortable for them — and you can click here for more tips on that. But what about your pets?

Give some thought to how your furry family members normally handles change and being around other people, and you can likely predict how your pet will handle the change of homes. If your pet has not spent much time in a kennel or carrier, start getting it used to it well before the move. Don’t pack away the pet’s favorite toys or bedding. Use an approved kennel or carrier for the actual move, and include some comfort objects, such as a familiar blanket and toys. If you have a long drive, don’t forget to include pit stops for your pets.

For safety’s sake, make certain your pet is wearing a collar with a tag that includes your cell phone number. You can talk to your vet ahead of time about the possibility of a safe sedative if your pet doesn’t take well to car rides or to change.

When you arrive at your new destination, confine your pet, along with comfort objects, bedding, food and water, and a litter box for your cat, in a small room that will be out of the hubbub. Offer as much attention and reassurance as you can. Your pet will soon adjust to the new surroundings just fine.