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How to have a successful garage sale or estate sale

How to have a successful garage sale or estate sale

How to have a successful garage sale or estate sale
August 13, 2018 sora-user

Moving offers the ideal inducement to pare down unwanted items, particularly if you’re making a long-distance move. If you have a lot of items you no longer want, it makes sense to sell them before your move. You’ll simplify your move and save money, too.

Do you want to have a garage sale, or an estate sale?

If you have a relatively smaller number of items, plan for a garage sale. But if you are significantly down-sizing, or are making an international move, you may want to consider an estate sale, in which you offer a great number of your belongings for sale all at once. 

Are you looking to make some money, or just get rid of unwanted items?

If your main goal is to simply unload excess stuff, set your prices low! 

Know the value of your belongings.

If you have antiques, collectibles, jewelry or other high-value items, do some online research first and determine the fair value of these items. Keep them near and within constant sight of you and whatever other family or friends have volunteered to help you, to reduce the possibility of theft. 

How do you prepare for the sale?

Have all prices clearly marked. It will save you time to put up signs with one price for like items, such as “all dresses $1 unless otherwise marked.” Complete all your set-up the night before, as experienced shoppers will arrive first thing. Have a cash box with plenty of change.

How do you publicize the sale?

Utilize all methods! Put up signs, advertise in the local newspaper and use social media to get out the word. If you have specialty items, such as baby clothes and equipment, or woodworking tools or collectible items, be sure to mention that. Take pictures of unusual items and use those in your social media posts to stir up interest. Note:  Facebook marketplace is amazing at selling items one at a time.

What if you don’t sell everything?

Check with local charities ahead of time to see if they’re willing to accept your unsold items. Be sure to get a receipt so you can claim this donation as a tax deduction.