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Planning a springtime move?

Planning a springtime move?

Planning a springtime move?
December 19, 2016 sora-user
Springtime - Mordue Moving & Storage

Thinking about a springtime move? Looking for a reliable moving company to assist you? At Mordue Moving & Storage, we are always proud to serve our community of Peoria movers. With spring being the busiest moving season, we do all we can to complete our tasks quickly and efficiently. We are ready for spring, are you?

Here are a few reasons why a springtime move might make more sense for your family. First, the weather is usually nicer, with longer days giving you more time to pack and move.

Although, summer is a traditional time to move, planning a springtime move gives you a head start and might be easier to schedule. Kids are still in school, which means they are otherwise occupied and you have the summer months to settle in to your new home, neighborhood and community before school starts again in the fall.