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The best places to move when you retire

The best places to move when you retire

The best places to move when you retire
September 24, 2018 McDaniels Marketing

Are you nearing retirement age and considering making a move to a new place? You’re in good company. The internet has many lists of best retirement choices, but beware — the best place for one person may not be the best place for you.

What are your goals?

Do you love to golf, swim, play tennis? Truly? Many retirement communities emphasize these pastimes. If you haven’t spent a lot of time on these activities before, don’t assume you will later. But if you already play a lot of golf, a community with a golf course might be a perfect match for you.

Do you want warm weather year-round or do you enjoy a change of seasons? If you’re not sure about moving to a new region, you may want to take a vacation to the area first.

Do you have family you’d like to live near, and where do they currently live? If you have grandchildren you’d like to see often, are you able and willing to fly visit often?

How’s your health? How’s your spouse’s health? You may not want to live in a remote area, far from emergency services. This also goes for foreign cities. Yes, there are great overseas retirement options, but how is the health care.

How are your finances? Is your goal to live simply and inexpensively to make your nest egg go as far as possible, or do you have the means and desire to live luxuriously? Will you want to travel a lot or stay closer to your new home? Would you rather buy a home in an upscale retirement resort and spend most of your time there?

What about staying put? If you like your community and have plenty of family and friends living nearby, staying right where you are is one option. If you like the idea of staying near your current doctor, church, etc., you might consider staying in your present community.

What about your home’s value? If your home has skyrocketed in value that can help finance your retirement. If your home has increased in value and you now have high property tax to pay, that may nudge you toward relocating. But if you don’t think you could get a lot out of your house for any reason, that might make it a better deal to age in place.

Lots to consider

Whatever your choice, don’t make it in haste. Carefully consider all your options. But if you’ve chosen to relocate, enjoy the adventure!