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How should I prepare for a move?

How should I prepare for a move?

How should I prepare for a move?
December 19, 2016 sora-user
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Choose your moving company

Look for a ProMover-certified moving company to ensure you are working with a legitimate mover and to protect yourself from moving fraud. Make sure that the company you go with is properly insured.

Book your move in advance

Spring jumpstarts the busiest season of the year! Book your mover in advance to ensure you get the scheduled move you need with the mover you want.

Do a home clean-out

You don’t want to be bringing unwanted belongings to your new home that will just take up space and increase the cost of your move. Throw it out, recycle, or donate!

Start packing early

Pick up packing supplies and pack a little at a time. Get as much done as you can early so that by the time moving week comes, you’re not scrambling.

We have worked with a lot of Peoria movers over the years, and we know what it’s like to have a rushed move — it is no fun. That is why we highly suggest planning ahead, and starting early. Don’t have time to pack? Don’t worry! Mordue Moving offers professional packing services for those Peoria movers who are too busy. Just give us a call today to inquire.

Good luck!