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Planning an international move?

Planning an international move?

Planning an international move?
October 22, 2018 McDaniels Marketing

Moving to another country is an exciting prospect, but it’s much more complicated than just heading across the state or even across the country. There are multiple considerations. Fortunately, Mordue Moving & Storage has the experience, resources and global support to help make the process of relocating to another country as smooth as possible. We work with Arpin International Group for international moves. Arpin provides a guide to international travel that covers many of the things you need to know. In addition, you’ll be assigned a dedicated International Move Coordinator to oversee your relocation. But here are some things to start with.

Are you moving to another country temporarily or permanently?

Some considerations are whether you’ll be living in a different country for a specific period of time for indefinitely; if you are being relocated by your job for a two-year period, for example, you may want to utilize long-term storage for many of your belongings and move relatively few of your things. If your move is permanent, you’ll probably have more to move.

Is all your paperwork in order?

You’ll want to contact the embassy/consulate in your destination country to find out what paperwork you’ll need.

Do you understand the immigration and customs requirements?

Every country has different requirements for documentation and fees. You should familiarize yourself with requirements for your destination country. Be sure to keep copies of everything!

Is there anything I should not move internationally?

You probably already know not to move flammable items or weapons, plants or perishables. Again, check with the embassy/consulate of your destination country. There are places where it’s forbidden to have certain sensitive printed materials. You’ll want to have a clear understanding of the policies of your destination country before your move.

What about financials?

Talk to your bank and credit card companies and find out their policies about international use.

What do you do about your cell phone and memberships?

Speak to your cell phone service provider, but you’ll likely want to cancel or suspend your phone and get a new one in your new home. Think about other ongoing contracts, such as gym memberships.

What if you have pets?

If you’re bringing your pets with you, check your destination country’s rules. Expect to need documentation from your veterinarian verifying your pet’s health status.

There are multiple things to arrange, and much of what you need to do will vary depending on your destination country. But you can count on Mordue and Arpin to help you make your move a smooth process.